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Welcome to Asil, where the charm of the Orient meets the vibrant energy of Antalya!

Asil, which means 'noble' in Turkish, stands as a culinary sanctuary, offering an irresistible fusion of Arabesque cuisine. Our vision is to create a dining experience that flawlessly intertwines exceptional cuisine with impeccable entertainment, establishing Asil as a distinguished destination within the Turkish riviera of Antalya.

Our narrative is both simple and captivating, aiming to introduce the world to the authentic flavors of Arabesque cuisine while immersing guests in the rich traditions of Middle Eastern and Turkish culture through a myriad of exciting entertainment.

Asil, embodying the very essence of nobility, beckons guests on a cultural and culinary voyage through the tastes, sights, and sounds of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. Encapsulating the ethos of each of these culinary hotspots, step through the doors and instantly find yourself transported into an Aladdin’s Cave adorned with sumptuous fabrics and glittering chandeliers, inspired by the ambiance and hospitality of the Arab world.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where modern innovation, elegance, and tradition converge seamlessly.

Asil's Hall of Fame

Gault & Millau
The Big Night Life Awards 2023
The best Sundowners Spot
What's On Awards 2023
Favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant Highly Commended
World Culinary Awards Winner 2023
World's Best Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant 2023
World Culinary Awards Winner 2022
World's Best Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant 2022
Goodfood Middle East Magazine Awards 2021
The Best Turkish Restaurant UAE 2021
Fact Dining Awards Dubai 2021
Middle Eastern & North African Favourite 2021
Leaders in F&B Awards 2021
Leading Fusion Restaurant 2021
TimeOut Dubai
RESTAURANT AWARDS 2021 Recommended
World Culinary Awards Winner 2021
Middle East’s Best Hotel Restaurant 2021
World Culinary Awards Winner 2021
Dubai’s Best Hotel Restaurant 2021
World Culinary Awards 2020
Middle East’s Best New Restaurant 2020

Asil in the Spotlight

Delve into Asil's latest media features, a testament to our culinary excellence and unique ambiance, celebrated by renowned publications and critics.

Masters of the Culinary Arts

Meet the culinary visionaries behind Asil's gastronomic masterpieces, each chef a guardian of our tradition-infused innovation and exceptional dining experiences.

Asil's Exclusive Services

Discover the array of bespoke services at Asil, each designed to enhance your experience, from private dining and event catering to customized celebrations, all tailored with Oriental elegance and flair.


Experience Asil's culinary artistry at your chosen venue with our catering service. Immerse your guests in a feast of Oriental flavors, expertly crafted to transform any event into an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Private Events

Host your special occasions at Asil, where elegance meets personalized service. Our private event spaces offer a luxurious backdrop, perfect for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, all infused with the unique charm of the Orient.

SWOT Hospitality

SWOT Hospitality

SWOT Hospitality, a dynamic lifestyle Food and Beverage company, excels in crafting innovative and engaging dining concepts. Their expertise lies in offering comprehensive services like guest experience design and concept development, all aimed at creating memorable dining experiences and setting new trends in hospitality. Their diverse and vibrant portfolio showcases a commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional guest experiences.

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